Would you like to learn basic
South African Sign Language?


Welcome to Talking Hands

Would you like to learn basic South African Sign Language? Learn to sign? You’re at the right place. Maryna Langenhoven, founder and Managing Member of Talking Hands cc, was the first director and then producer of television programmes for Deaf people in South Africa. In a resultant partnership with Professor Claudine Storbeck, founder of Deaf Education and the Director of The Centre for Deaf Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand, a Sign Language video called “Signing to your child” was born.

Academically sound, the video was initially developed to assist hearing parents with deaf babies, but it soon proved to be the ideal “handbook” to learn basic Sign Language. Professor Storbeck is the host of the video and she makes use of a teaching technique called Transitional Bilingualism whereby the teaching of a visual language is accompanied by auditory guidance.


What makes this Video unique

The fact that every sign that’s being taught is immediately used in a Sign Language sentence; this gives the learner both context and the ability to learn complete Sign Language sentences. For example: The sign for hungry will be on screen. This is immediately followed by what hearing people know as, “Are you hungry?” In Sign Language it will be signed as "hungry you" with the question mark positioned in raised eyebrows and a head slightly tilted forward.

"Signing to your child" is 90 minutes long and consists of 25 categories which include a breakdown of Sign Language structure, how to sign numbers, years, colours, have a discussion about the weather, exchanging pleasantries, learn basic signs used in the kitchen and much more.

For a detailed list of categories, click on Sign Language Video.

Price: R499-00