One-on-one coaching sessions for
children age 9 - 11

I love 9 - 11 year olds. I love the way they think, how they see life and how they see life from a different perspective once a session is complete. The more “difficult” and “impossible” the child is perceived to be, the more I look forward to the session.

The following is how I work:

  • I honour the fact that children are precious to their parents. I honour parents' love, their concern, their exasperation, their frustration and their joy.
  • Once a session is complete, I get the child’s permission to discuss a situation with the parents. I also give the child the choice to be present or not be present during the feedback session. I always get the permission. And if they’re scared to attend the feedback session, that’s the next life skill we tackle.
  • I don’t write reports unless it’s required by an official body in the interest of the child.
  • I don’t work with the school unless I find it really necessary.
  • I don’t wear shoes when I see my clients.
  • I don’t wear make-up when I see my clients.
  • I work with what I see, with the soul in front of me.

I work with older children now and then, but they cross my path as ordered by the Divine. It’s the same for one-on-one sessions with adults. I don’t work anyone younger than nine.

Cost: R750 per session for a minimum of four sessions
Duration: 60 minutes
Area: Randburg and/or Rosebank, Gauteng